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Sonakshi Sinha says films should not be labelled as women or male-centric

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha called out sexism in Bollywood and said films shouldn’t be categorized as male-centric or women-centric based on which artist it is led by.

In an interview with Indian Express, the Dabangg actress expressed disappointment at the labelling of projects. “I just want this whole thing of calling a film led by a female artiste ‘woman centric’ to go away because when an Akshay (Kumar) or a Salman (Khan) does a film, no one calls it a male-centric film. A film is a film. Period. We should stop categorising them. We should treat them as equals.”

Sinha said that male stars reject films with stronger female characters, urged for this mindset to change and for men to be held accountable for it. “It’s true. This is a mindset that should change because I think it would be really nice to have men supporting women for a change. I would also like to see that in Hindi films. Now, why that happens you should ask the men,” she said.

With a successful career spanning over nine-years, the starlet hopes to be that actress whom a filmmaker can think of putting in any type of film.

She will be seen in upcoming comedy-drama film Khandaani Shafakhana which is set to release on August 2.




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