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Sonam Kapoor: I can guarantee that Pakistan hasn’t been shown in a poor light

Sonam Kapoor’s upcoming Bollywood flick Neerja has perked the interests movie buffs from India as well as Pakistan. Neerja is not your typical Bollywood flick, inf act it is a biopic that tells the story slain air hostess Neerja Bhanot, who was killed by terrorists on September 5, 1986. However, the movie was banned from being shown in Pakistan and the decision disappointed Sonam Kapoor to no end.

The Bollywood actress took to her Twitter account and posted a couple of tweets, expressing her disappointment over the movie not being shown in Pakistan. This is what Sonam tweeted:-

Sonam also said she hoped Pakistan would release the movie, since the country was not shown in a poor light.

And she also hoped the issue would resolve and a solution would be reached.

The movie releases in theatres across India today. Neerja is the story of an air hostess who was on-board the ill-fated Pan Am Flight 73, which flew from Mumbai to New York. The flight was attacked by armed terrorists at Karachi airport on September 5, 1986.



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