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I know they love me there: Sonam Kapoor on Pakistani fans

Sonam Kapoor is one of the leading actresses of the Indian film industry and has starred in numerous acclaimed movies. The actress has been recently in the limelight for her performance in the movie Neerja, which is based on the slain flight attendant of the same name who died trying to save passengers from hijackers. Just like Sonam Kapoor’s previous 2013 film Raanjhanaa was also banned from Pakistan. In a recent comment, Sonam Kapoor spoke about how her other films did well in Pakistan and the various commercials that she did for Pakistani brands.

“I know they love me there because all my films have done ridiculously well in Pakistan. I’ve done several ads in Pakistan. I’ve done Tarang, I’ve done a phone ad, lawn clothes. My films have are the highest grossers in Pakistan!” she said.

Sonam also stated her view that Neerja was not about any religion or caste in particular but it was about humanity or insaniyat. 

“[The award], which is actually for human kindness, incredible human kindness — if a government can go out there and award somebody for incredible human kindness — then first we need to salute that and the fact that the film is actually saluting it, I think Pakistan also needs to go out there and salute that,” she said.

Sonam Kapoor

Though she did express her disappointment in particular about the movie not being shown in Pakistan and said she couldn’t understand why.

“I feel it’s so sad Pakistan isn’t showing the film. I’m very, very disheartened because there’s nothing in the film that depicts Pakistan in a bad light. The Bhanot’s told us that before India or the US awarded Neerja, 30 years ago it was Pakistan who awarded Neerja with the Tamgha-e-Insaaniyat,” she said.

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