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Sonu Nigam lashes out at India’s right-wing extremists

Bollywood’s renowned playback singer Sonu Nigam has lashed out at Indian entertainment industry on restricting Pakistani artists coming to India.

In a TV interview, Nigam while talking about the ‘ban’ on Pakistani artists questioned if it had made India a ‘safer country’.

“Previously, you praised [Pakistani artists] and told them you want them to work for you. Now you are asking them to go back”, he said.

“I want to ask, has it made our country safer than before?”, he questioned, adding that it was akin to ‘childishly changing the decisions’ and [the Indian entertainment industry] should refrain from this.

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Sonu Nigam said that “our history was full of such examples”. He said: “First we ask [an anemy] to side with us so we can go ahead and destroy our ‘mutual enemy’. Then, if in that process, if we get destroyed, we’re happy with that even”, he said.

“Meanwhile, we have Pakistan in our neighbour, which doesn’t resort to these tactics”, he said.

Nigam called all the hullabaloo against Pakistani artists ‘wrongly-guided patriotism”.

It is worthwhile to note that following Pulwama attack, Indian entertainment industry has cancelled contracts of various Pakistani artists working on different projects with Indian producers.



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