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Sonu Nigam’s air concert: Five air hostesses suspended

Sonu Nigam has millions of fans from around the world, owing to his smooth voice and melodious Bollywood songs. His latest ‘air-concert’ for Jet Airways made headlines when the Bollywood singer sang using the in-flight intercom upon passengers’ request.

According to an Indian daily, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation asked the airline to suspend five air hostesses for allowing the singer to use the device to entertain the passengers. The aviation regulatory system said the act was a misuse of the in-flight announcement system and a check was being kept on air hostesses from allowing any other passengers to use the intercom.

Jet Airways also confirmed the suspension of their air hostesses. “All cabin crew on the flight have been taken off flight duty for enquiry and corrective training to reinforce strict adherence to operating procedures,” he said.

Everything has a price–it seems that Sonu Nigam’s performance 30,000 feet above the air costed the poor air hostesses a lot more than they did Sonu!



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