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Sony Pictures welcomes Marvel Studios to Spider-Man fold

The gist of the deal is that Sony Pictures Entertainment has agreed that Spidey will now sling his webs in a Marvel film. Sony Pictures will then take over and release the next installment in the series on July 28, 2018. This installment will be a co-production of Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal. Sony Pictures will still retain the rights to finance, distribute, own and command the final creative control of the future Spider-Man films. However, both media franchises have agreed to break ground and work together for a new creative storyline for the masked superhero.

Sony Pictures has also joined heads with Marvel Studios and are working on integrating other Marvel superheroes to feature in future Spider-Man films. Spider-Man has always been a central character in the Marvel comic series and has maintained a feverish fan following throughout its fifty years of Marvel history. The new film slated for the 2018 release will be a reboot and will feature a new storyline that takes a different creative direction as regards to Spider-Man.

“Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios share a love for the characters in the Spider-Man universe and have a long, successful history of working together. This new level of collaboration is the perfect way to take Peter Parker’s story into the future,” added Doug Belgrad, president, Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group.
Spider-Man has been Sony Pictures’ most prized franchise, earning them more than $4billion. The Marvel Cinematic Universe will next release its much awaited superhero films Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1 2015 and Ant-man slated for release on July 17, 2015. The new Spider-Man reboot film as well as his presence alongside other Marvel characters on the silver screen will indeed be intriguing to witness. Who doesn’t want to see Spider-Man scale buildings and spew webs from his wrist every now and then!



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