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Special children our national role models

KARACHI: They talked and walked, sang and danced, exhibited and performed their hearts out for Pakistan. It was a “seeing is believing” kind of an exemplary and exhilarating Super Show of Special Kids with God-gifted talents echoing awesomely for the nation at large during “Jashn-e-Bahraan for Special Children 2017” held at Institute of Business Management (IoBM).

“What men at the helm of affairs, men of letters and man in the street speak or hear about ‘Unity, Faith and Discipline’ is practiced by our special kids,” said Parvez Jamil, head of IoBM Public Affairs.

How tolerance, sympathy and fellow feeling are advocated by many a religious, political and social leader was demonstrated in letter and in spirit by our Special Kids at this Special Show, he added.


It was a rare sight of mutual cheers blended with amazing creativity of arts and crafts, skits and tableau, music and melodies with lessons in love, peace and harmony for the ailing society. Special kids enjoyed every bit of gift packs, food items, jumping castle, candy floss, ice creams, cartoon characters, magic show and musical melodies organized by the all-embracing IoBM hosts.

The message of caring and sharing, peace and tranquility, tolerance and cooperation as emanated from the innocence, creativity, fellow feeling and discipline from the Special Kids show overshadowed rampant mudslinging, leg-pulling, backbiting and blackmailing practices and echoes convincingly and hypnotically from Karachi to Khyber and all over Pakistan.


Commendable are the trainers, teachers and above all, parents of these Special Kids who rise over and above self as models of human sanctity, sacrifice and service.

Parvez Jamil said IoBM Jashn-e-Baharaan for Special Kids depicted an aura of enchantment and enlightenment; charm, color and charisma; vim, vigor and vitality and tells us how to make the most of life by shunning pains, agonies and heartbreaks and start living anew with mutual cheers and happiness amid the blessings Allah has bestowed on us.




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