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Special committee on Dasti's allegations completes its report

ISLAMABAD: The special committee of the Parliament has completed its report pertaining to immoral activities in the Parliament Lodges, as it was alleged by MNA Jamshed Dasti a few days ago – ARY News reports.

Talking to media, chairman of the committee, Rohail Asgher said that the committee has completed its investigations relating to the allegations leveled by Jamshed Dasti and the recommendations of the committee will be presented in the National Assembly (NA).

When asked about providing recommendations to media, Rohail declined to do so, saying that it would not be appropriate.

Meanwhile, MQM member, Sohail Mansoor suggested the special committee to forward the case to the accountability committee, for the allegations by Jamshed Dasti violated the privilege of all the parliamentarians.

The meeting of the special committee was held at the Parliament House, whilst it was the last meeting of the committee.



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