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Special Court hears Article-6 case against Musharraf

ISLAMABAD: The special court hearing treason charges against former president Pervez Musharraf resumed the hearing on Wednesday, ARY News reports.

Three judges bench headed by Justice Faisal Arab of Sindh High Court hearing the case against the former military ruler.

The prosecution submitted its written answers over the defence plea for inclusion of the co-accused in the trial and providing a copy of the investigation report.

Prosecutor Akram Shaikh in his arguments said that the plea about adding co-accused in the trial is a bid to complicate the case. He said the plea is ambiguous and hypothetical. He said the inquiry report could not be provided as per the law. The documents permitted to be given under the law have been provided, he said.

In his written reply the prosecutor said that the co-accused could not be tried under Article-VI of the constitution and the court has already decided the matter on March 09.

The proscutor said there was no record on the prime minister's advice over the November-3 action neither any record or minutes found about consultation with the prime minister and others. No record of any summary or advice about proclamation of emergency has been found in Prime Minister House, the prosecutor said.

Pervez Musharraf had signed the order of the proclamation of emergency and as per the law the signatory is responsible for the order. If Musharraf made any consultation before proclamation of emergency, he should provide proof of that consultation, the prosecutor said.

Justice Faisal Arab said that the accused could not be deprived from the inquiry report for his defence. Akram Shaikh said that the defence lawyers can demand for the report when they will defend the accused, not earlier.

Musharraf's counsel Barrister Farogh Naseem yesterday in his arguments had said that the names of those consulted over proclamation of emergency have been written over the order. He said that the Prime Minister, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Vice Army Chief, Corps Commanders and Governors were consulted over the issue and he sought their addition in the list of the accused of the trial.



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