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Pakistan celebrates China friendship anniversary with special documentary

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs released on Tuesday a special video documentary marking the 70th anniversary of the Pakistan-China friendship.

The video clip sheds light on different aspects of the Pakistan-China friendship that is billed as higher than Himalayas, deeper than oceans and sweeter than honey.

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Lately, Prime Minister Imran Khan had congratulated China’s President Xi Jinping on successfully eradicating extreme poverty in the neighbouring country.

“I want to congratulate President Xi Jinping & the Chinese govt for the momentous achievement of eradicating extreme poverty in their country. Never before in history have 750 million people been taken out of extreme poverty in a span of 35 years,” he tweeted.

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“For developing countries like Pakistan there are lessons to be learnt. With determination and commitment we can do the same for our people.”



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