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Can you spot the cat in this viral picture?

Becoming an internet sensation, this viral photo has people going crazy after a cat which is not even instantly visible to look at.

The trends of finding hidden objects from the messy pictures may sound like an age-old idea which does not normally interest people on the internet anymore… however, this twitter post made an exception with a number of people looking desperate to spot the cat which the post claims is hidden somewhere.

A Twitterati called ‘237 Class Captain’ posted this picture on his Twitter account. The picture is that of a messy room with a range of objects lying scattered all over the place. From a broken vase on a wooden shelf to a cracked mirror. A deck of cards is lying on the floor as well. All the while, one finds a cute dog sitting there casually right next to his leash. But the challenge was not to find what was obvious, obviously.

The catch here is to locate a cat here. The cat, which the is present here alright has to be spotted by other Twitterati. That is what the challenge is all about. The picture has a caption on it which says, “Find the cat.”

The tweet says, “Let’s get busy, find the cat in this room.”

Cat not found
Do you have it in you to find the cat that is hiding somewhere in this room?

See it for yourself. Let’s see if you can find the hidden feline.

The cat, playful as it is, is also known to be very inconspicuous when it comes to hiding. That’s exactly what has happened here seemingly. It has camouflaged itself in such a manner that the spotters could be having difficulty in finding it. Here is the picture with the answer to it.

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The cat is seen inside a room where the door is partially open. Due to the umbrella stand coming in between, one may have had found it tough to find the animal there.

Well, here you go!

It goes without saying that the netizens were pretty taken looking for the feline. While some were able to find it, there were many who just were not able to spot it. Those who wanted to gave in, reacted hilariously: “I feel old. I see everything but the cat,” one of them commented.

Can you spot the cat?



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