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VIDEO: Aggressive squirrels attack residents in New York

Aggressive squirrels are attacking residents in one New York City neighborhood unprovoked, leaving some bitten and bloodied.

According to media reports, several people in the New York City borough’s Rego Park neighborhood say an aggressive squirrel has jumped on them and bitten them in the past several weeks.

One of the residents Micheline Frederick said she was attacked on December 12.

“We’re wrestling in the snow and there’s blood everywhere and my fingers getting chewed and it won’t let go,” Frederick told a foreign media outlet.

Another resident said her husband was attacked a few weeks ago. “Clearly, it’s an unsafe situation for us,” Vinati Singh said.

At least three other people have said they had similar encounters with either a single rogue squirrel or a pack.

The city’s Department of Health advised the neighbors to hire a licensed trapper.

“The NYC Health Department received a complaint about an aggressive squirrel in Rego Park and advised the property owner to hire an New York State licensed trapper. Squirrels and many other small rodents are rarely found to be infected with rabies. If New Yorkers believe they have observed an animal infected with rabies, they should report it to 311,” the NYC Department of Health released the statement.



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