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SRK rumored to make anti-Modi remarks

After winning the Lok Sabha elections with a clear majority, Narendra Modi is certainly the most talked about man today. While the politician has a huge base of fans, there are many critics who have condemned him in the past and are not happy about his victory. 

It seems Shah Rukh Khan has courted another controversy with reports doing the round that the superstar has made anti-Modi comments on Twitter. Buzz on the social media suggested that King Khan had once said that he will leave India if Narendra Modi becomes Prime Minister. 

However, quoting an actor's fan, a report says that it was not Shah Rukh Khan but TV actor Kamaal R Khan who had made the statement. 

It is said that the actor's fan, aka @TheSRKdisciple, has cleared the air and said that it was Kamaal Khan trying to gain political mileage using Shah Rukh's popularity. 

The report says that Kamaal Khan is using shortened version of his name KRK, and people have gotten him confused with SRK. In fact Shah Rukh has also denied tweeting any anti-Modi campaign. 



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