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Stage actress killed by ‘promoter’ over professional matter

LAHORE: One of the main accused in Kismat Baig murder case confessed to killing the stage actress at the behest of a promoter over a professional issue which apparently became serious between the two.

According to details gathered by ARY News, after days of questioning, Rana Muzammil, one of the four accused arrested in the case – Rana Faheem, Rana Tajammul and Shahid Janjua – told police officials that they were given Rs 5,00,000 only to injure the actress over a professional enmity.

Kismat Baig reportedly refused to do a show in Faisalabad following which “the promoter hired us to teach her a lesson,” said Muzammil and added their intention was only to injure her.

Earlier, Rana Sanaullah, Punjab Interior Minister had also disclosed that people from the slain actress’s own fraternity were involved in her murder.

On November 23, armed assailants opened fire at a vehicle Kismat Baig was travelling in with her secretary on her way back to home and injured her.

Soon after the incident, critically injured Baig was taken to Services Hospital Lahore where she died the following day.

A post-mortem report revealed that she received at least 12 bullets on the night when she was attacked in Harbanspura neighbourhood of Lahore.

Later Baig’s secretary told investigators that the armed men initially tried to drag the actress out of the vehicle and claimed the gunmen attacked him before the actress on the unfortunate night.



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