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‘Stannis’ trends on Twitter in Pakistan — showing following for Game of Thrones

After last week’s energetic and thrilling Game of Thrones episode ended, Jon Snow was trending on Twitter in Pakistan. The moment was bone-chilling; Jon glancing at the menacing cold, steely eyes of the leader of the ‘White Walkers’ who had resurrected the dead ( better yet, made them join his ranks). We thought no one could top that episode off, and boy were we wrong!

Stannis caused uproar, shock and thrill among Game of Thrones fans in Pakistan (as well as around the world) when he burnt his daughter Shireen alive! Advised by the ill-meaning, cunning witch Melisandre, Stannis sacrificed his daughter in his quest to spill royal blood in exchange for the crown.

Here’s how the twitterati reacted:-




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