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Startling revelations force Meera to boycott cosmetics

If you’re expecting another Meera controversy, then this is not one. However, the news will shock you that controversial Lollywood actress Meera has decided to abort the use of makeup, for good!

According to details, the actress decided to stop using cosmetics after she found out that donkey skin was used in the formation of the products. Meera spoke to ARY News and said that the use of donkey skin in the formation of make-up products was a crime.

“This is particularly harmful for the skin and is totally illegal. I request the government to take strict action against this,” stated Meera.

The actress also said that she would like to advise females to exercise restraint and boycott cosmetics, since it could now harm their skin. In response to the question of whether or not Meera would use cosmetics again, the actress said:-

“This is a very distressing news for me. No, from now on I will not use cosmetics and will boycott them. The donkey skin being used in cosmetics and make-up products will cause harm to my skin,” she said. The controversial actress further went on to state that natural beauty was the best and that females should use minimum cosmetics to look beautiful.

It should be borne in mind that the previous day, the Economic Coordination Committee revealed startling facts that donkey skin was being used in cosmetics and in creams which provided relief against facial wrinkles.



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