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Stranded Pakistanis sigh with relief as PIA aircraft reaches Sanaa

A wave of joy was evident among the Pakistani nationals waiting for the PIA flight to rescue them from the war-torn Arab country.

Boarding of passengers began after half an hour the plane was landed at Sanaa airport.

The PIA plane will leave in evening from Sanaa for Karachi.

Foreign Office spokesperson Tasnim Aslam says all possible means are being utilised for early and safe evacuation of all stranded Pakistanis in Yemen.

An aircraft is on stand by, ground clearances have been obtained, while exemption of ‘No Fly’ restriction is expected shortly,” the FO statement said.

She said a Pakistan Navy vessel is also due at Al-Hudeida to evacuate 34 Pakistanis.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Navy Ship has set off for Pakistan with 148 rescued Pakistani and 35 foreign nationals. The rescued nationals which include eleven Indian nationals will arrive in Karachi on Tuesday. The Indian government has thanked Islamabad for its humanitarian gesture.



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