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Strong cooperation key for fighting global terror: Pakistan

“While our resolve remains firm, our mission remains unaccomplished,” said Nabeel Munir Pakistan’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations on Thursday, while reaffirming Pakistan’s pledge to eradicate terrorism “regardless of the cost”.

“The sad events of the past few days in Turkey, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia have served as a harrowing reminder of the challenge we face today – a reminder that our task does not finish with the adoption of the resolution,” Munir added while speaking at the UN General Assembly.

He was of the view that the only way forward in the global fight against terrorism was to strengthen cooperation.

Condemning terrorism, Munir said Pakistan had made huge sacrifices in the fight against terrorism, “yet we persevere – our resolve and determination continue to strengthen”.

Operation Zarb-e-Azb, one of the largest national counter-terrorism operations in the world, was already achieving great successes, added the Pakistani delegate.

Last year, the United Nations Financial Action Task Force also had acknowledged that Pakistan’s counter-terrorism measures were in line with the UN proposals.

Shedding light on Pakistan’s national action plan to counter terrorism, Munir said, it had focused on preventing and eliminating terrorism of all kinds including speech and sectarian violence from its soil.

“Let me assure you of Pakistan’s continued and tireless efforts to counter terrorism and prevent violent extremism nationally, regionally and internationally, as well as our constructive engagement with other member states at the United Nations to build a consensual and normative framework to counter terrorism and violent extremism,” Munir said while taking the UN General Assembly into confidence.



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