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Khanewal: Student loses life during slapping contest with friend

KHANEWAL:  A sixth grade student who died ten days ago “due to a heart attack” had actually lost his life during a slapping contest with a friend in school, it emerged on Saturday.

According to ARY News’ correspondent,  Bilal Butt, aresident of Mohsin Wal town of Khanewal district, died about ten days ago with doctors listing “heart attack” as his cause of death, but a video which emerged on social media on Saturday shows Bilal losing consciousness after being hit by his friend during a slapping contest.

Bilal was reportedly taken to hospital after the incident where doctors pronounced him dead.

The video shows Bilal and his friend Amir slapping each others in their school premises with their friends watching when suddenly Bilal falls down and loses his consciousness.

Bilal’s family, however, does not blame the school or the deceased’s friend for his death and said it was his fate.

“It was his fate, his time had come, when I went there (to hospital) local doctors were there and they tried their best to save him, it was God’s will,” Bilal’s father told ARY News.

When asked about the school administration’s role, Bilal’s brother maintained that the teachers (and school administration) were helpful.

Reports say government-run schools in the area have barred students from playing the game again within school premises.




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