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Students join hands to make Karachi green

From dwelling in caves like animals to living a luxurious life in sky scrapers the world has evolved a lot. Societies have become civilized and they want people to act civilized now in that regard we are seeing young blood taking initiative in removing filth from their surroundings. Whether is Brazil, India or Europe people are active all around the world when it comes to cleaning their town and Pakistani youth even is not left behind.

85 students of foundation year of Indus Valley School were given an assignment on cleaning their surroundings for better environment which later become a monthly activity. The zealot students with broomstick, paints and disposal bags were found cleaning street 33 of Clifton Block 2. The amazing students first cleaned the filth of the area then white washed the walls which were filled with political parties’ slogans and then they painted the walls with inspirational messages and images.

The students collected some 107 bags of trash which was later collected by KMC (Karachi Municipal Corporation) garbage collectors. From cleaning trash to painting and decorating the walls the students were seen very enthusiastic in cleaning their hometown. They worked from 7:00 in the morning to 2:00 noon and carved a new face of the area. This initiative of young blood has set an example for everyone that if you have a will to build a better society, you really don’t need anything else but courage.

The inspiration behind this activity is an Indian campaign called The Ugly Indians. The Ugly Indians is an organization of young Indian fellows who find the filthy places in different cities of India and clean and paint them to make India rise.



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