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Students protest over police effort to vacate Islamia college in Karachi

KARACHI: Students of Islamia College on Friday staged a protest after police made efforts to vacate the building located in Karachi.

The protest erupted soon after the police contingents reached the premises to evict the students from the college building. Police were complying the orders of the provincial government to seal the building and hand it over to the trustees.

The students set tyres on fires on M.A Jinnah Road and blocked the city’s main artery in protest against the eviction orders.

Islamic Education Trust has been claiming the ownership of the college complex. The law enforcement agencies (LEAs) had previously made several botched attempts to vacate the premises.

The Sindh government has also offered the teaching staff and students a new complex but the protesting students along with the faculty remained unmoved.

Earlier, a district and session’s court stayed the matter following a protest over eviction orders in November. The local court was appealed by the college’s students and faculty to set the rent controller’s decision aside.

The principal of the college then informed the media that the officials had assured them to take the matter to the Supreme Court.

He then opined that the case was not appropriately pursued by the officials in the court, resulting in an easy win for the trustees.

The college faculty members feared that if the provincial government handed over the building to the trustees, thousands of students would be deprived of education.



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