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Study finds homeopathy not effective at all!

An Australian medical body has arrived at the damning conclusion that homeopathy might not be able to effectively treat a disease at all!

Based on 255 research papers, it was found that homeopathy cannot induce delayed healing in people suffering from numerous diseases. The National Medical Health and Research Center (NMHRC) issued the following statement in regards to this revelation: “People who choose homeopathy may put their health at risk if they reject or delay treatments for which there is good evidence for safety and effectiveness”. In other words, the NMHRC advised people to seek cure rather than rely on homeopathy. “Based on the assessment of the evidence of effectiveness of homeopathy, NHMRC concludes that there are no health conditions for which there is reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective,” said the statement further.

People who undergo homeopathy treatment believe that treatment is possible through a unique process in which substances that cause illnesses can be used to cure them. For example, if certain substances that cause illness can be diluted in water or alcohol to create a resulting mixture which heals the illness. According to those who support homeopathy as a cure, this is a ‘memory’ of the illness which can be used to cure the illness in the first place. Although the study concluded that various studies have rendered homeopathy to be an effective treatment, however the quality of these studies was not accurate. These studies were also poorly designed and did not have enough participants to its credit.

Paul Glasziou, chair of the NHMRC Homeopathy Working Committee, weighed in that this study would have an effect on the sale of homeopathic drugs. “There will be a tail of people who will not respond to this report and who will say it is all a conspiracy of the establishment,” Glasziou maintained.

People should adhere to medical experts as far as medical treatments are concerned. For threatening diseases that can claim lives or cause serious complications, medical treatment should be immediately sought as opposed to homeopathic treatment.



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