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Suicide or accident? 16 year-old girl falls to her death in Lahore

According to details, the death of the girl has given rise to speculations as to whether she had committed suicide or was it simply an accident. According to the father of the girl, she fell down accidentally while playing.

According to details, 16-year old named Laraib Marium was posing for a selfie when she fell from the hotel.  Immediately after she fell, she was rushed to a nearby hospital but she succumbed to her head injuries.

Laraib’s father had said that his daughter had gone up to the sixth floor whilst playing, since there was a gym and a swimming pool on the sixth floor.

Police have started investigations into the cause of the death. Dr Tariq is Laraib’s father, who was invited on a tour of the city with his family by a medicinal company. So far, Dr Tariq nor his wife have appeared before the family to give their statement.

Police have so far stated that they have begun their probe into the matter as to whether the incident was an accident or a suicide.



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