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Summary of extension in Rangers powers awaits CM’s nod

Sources said the summary was forwarded to the CM on January 23 which recommending ‘complete policing powers’ be given to Rangers and it is now up to the chief minister whether to approve it or seek the summary delegating conditional powers to the paramilitary force.

It should be noted here that Rangers powers in Sindh were extended for two months on December 05, after which the extension is due to end midnight on February 04.

On the other hand, the home department also forwarded the summary of establishment of ten more ATCs in Karachi, as decided by the Sindh Apex Committee in its meeting last week.

The summary was forwarded after Corps Commander Karachi Lt Gen Naveed Mukhtar ensured provision of adequate place and security to these courts.

After approval by CM Shah, the chief justice of the Sindh High Court (SHC) will be requested to approve the formation of court and appoint judges.



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