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WATCH: Here is why a top bread brand’s production unit was sealed in Punjab

SHEIKHUPURA: A top brand selling bread and other confectionery item across Pakistan had its factory sealed on the orders of  Punjab Food Minister Bilal Yasin here in Sheikhupura city of Punjab.

The ARY News’ ‘Zimmedar Kaun‘ team along with Punjab Food Minister Bilal Yasin raided the production unit of a top confectionery brand- which sells bread, burgers, buns, rusk and cake-rusk biscuits across Pakistan- and were shocked to find open violation of food safety regulations by a brand of such stature.

As the Zimmedar Kuan team along with the minister entered the production unit, they were greeted rusk and cakes in dirty utensils with workers at the unit touching them with their bare hands.

The minister was astonished to see some workers putting eatables on floor. As the two teams moved forward, they saw a man using bare hands and another dirty utensil to prepare cakes. He was of the view that he is disgusted by the clear violation of food safety standards by a brand which he himself used to trust before today.

A worker preparing cakes.

Not only that, in clear violation of safety standards, tap water and sub-standard oil was being used to prepare the eatables supplied across the country.

Tap water being used in eatables prepared in the production unit

The biggest surprise was that, despite the presence of a food technologist inside the unit, expired eggs were about to be used to prepare the confectionery item. The food technologist, however, claimed that the they were about to send the eggs back to the supplier but it was not mentioned anywhere upon or around the egg cartons.

Expired Eggs

The minister, on his part, told the food technologist that no matter what their intention was but they cannot put expired item inside the production unit.

Worker using bare hands on the bread

As the team moved ahead and reached the brand’s bread production section, they again saw unclean conditions and bare hands touching bread before packing. The worker overseeing the bread cutting operation near the cutting machine accepted before ARY News that the condition of the unit is not fit for an eatable’s production.

Dusty containers being used to keep cakes.

The containers used to keep cakes and bread were so dusty, the food minister said that one has to Google the thing as it cannot be called dust but years of dirt and need a separate term to define the condition.

The food minister said that the finished item is so clean that none can object upon or think about the item being sub-standard.

The production unit was thus sealed and the management was warned to ensure hygienic environment in the unit.



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