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Sunny Leone shares thoughts on adult film industry and Rakhi Sawant

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has been making headlines and been the object of controversy ever since she became a mainstream, Bollywood actress. After her debut in Jism 2, Sunny has starred in a couple of films which have failed to impress at the box office. However, Sunny Leone’s sizzling on-screen persona and dance numbers, her adult film industry past and her raunchy dance numbers have earned her a fair amount of recognition.

During the interview with Bollywoodlife.com, Sunny shared her thoughts on how she and her husband had journeyed this far to Bollywood and overcome all obstacles to be where they were today.

“To the outside world, when somebody peers into our world, it looks like everything has come so easy, but it hasn’t. It’s been a struggle. There’ve been moments when we definitely get hit hard and then we just bounce back haste fast because we have to keep working.”

Sunny Leone was also asked as to what she thought about fellow Bollywood actresses such as Celina Jaitley and Rakhi Sawant, both of whom had slammed the former adult film actress.

“My response is pretty much the same every time. I never say anything bad about anybody. And also it is non-sense. So if those two want to be categorized in the same group of people who create non-sense then what am I supposed to do. I can’t call her and say why are you doing this, this is not true or why are you doing all these mean things. They are just doing it for publicity.”

Sunny Leone also offered her opinion on the adult film industry and said that she was being forced to not speak in favour of it.

“I still love everything about the adult industry but I’ve been forced to say that I’m here to do this (work in Bollywood) because people are so horrible and mean. Not everybody, but there are certain groups, certain sections who seem to have a personal vendetta against me because I’ve hurt them so horribly (laughs sarcastically)… I don’t get it. I have to start clarifying my reason for being here because of those people. And also because the media has made it such a big issue. If the media didn’t recognize my porn star past as a big issue it wouldn’t have become so big.”



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