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Sunny Leone: Wives of actors I work with become insecure of me

Sunny Leone has had a tough run in Bollywood so far. The porn star-turned-actress has been cast mainly in films that haven’t featured A-list Bollywood actors. According to reports and rumors, most of B-town’s leading actors had denied the possibility of sharing screen space with the sultry actress’s background.

Despite the cold treatment meted out to her by the Indian film industry’s elite club, Sunny stated that her experience in Bollywood had been a roller coaster ride so far and that each day was unique in its own way. “It has been something that I had never imagined. Every day, there’s some crazy news or something amazing happening. And on top of all  things that aren’t so nice, there are many superb things too — like when my song or movie does well. It has been a roller coaster ride.”

Leone also stated that she was tired of the cases being filed against her and her husband Daniel Weber for morality issues, both former adult stars. She also stated that she was getting to know the judicial system in India and that she and her husband were easy targets as everyone could file an FIR. “In this country, anyone can file an FIR; and we have to defend ourselves. I have no problems in doing that, but it takes such a toll on one’s mind, body, and soul,” Leone lamented.

The actress also stated that although she bonded well with the wives of her co-stars, she felt that they did not trust her around their husbands.

“Most of the actors I work with are married, and when I meet their wives, I usually get along with them more than the boys. But still, I do believe that there is some insecurity for sure. I just feel like telling them, “I don’t want your husband or boyfriend. I have the most amazing husband in the world.”

Most recently, Sunny Leone’s upcoming movie Mastizaade was barred by the Indian censor board for containing too many bold scenes.

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