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Sunsilk Challenges Societal Dialogue With its #ShaanSeShine Campaign

Brands often do not pursue campaigns that challenge society and build on narratives that question the existing norms. In this environment, Sunsilk Black Shine came up with its thought-provoking campaign of #ShaanSeShine which celebrates girls that break gender stereotypes and excel in their careers, both inside and outside their homes.

The “Unhoone Kaha” narrative challenges a society that enforces the idea that girls are only to take care of their beauty and their homes. It showcases stories of leading girls from across Pakistan who overcame the societal barriers and flourished in their careers.

This set of girls included leading celebrities such as Ushna Shah, Urwa Hocane, Sarwat Gillani, and Aiman Khan. It also included famous sports athletes; Hajra Khan and the Motorcycle girl- Zenith Irfan while we also saw stories from some influencers who further took forward the idea of how positive work life balance can be achieved and celebrated.

All of these stories pushed a single idea of how girls can achieve anything with hard work, talent, and determination. Even if the society tells them “Larki ho, kaisey kar paoge”, they go beyond that and prove that their strength beats any barriers that come their way. With this campaign, Sunsilk has successfully created a platform for an unstoppable community of girls that are an inspiration for the masses across the country.

Syed Fahad Husain, from the Sunsilk brand team shed more light on the purpose of this campaign.

“Sunsilk’s brand purpose is to open up possibilities for girls in Pakistan by inspiring them through real inspirational stories so they’re able to take all challenges head-on and are able to shine in their own unique way. With Black Shine’s #ShaanSeShine campaign, we wanted to focus on diversifying the thought process of society when they look at a girl and assume one thing about her and lead to dictating her life goals. I strongly feel that we achieved to highlight that problematic nature through this campaign and were able to showcase through real inspirational stories on how to break away from that stereotype positively”.

With these celebrities and influencers sharing their stories, we also saw great engagement on all girl platforms across social media, where girls from different cities and regions shared their organic stories of change. All in all, the brand deserves acknowledgment for a courageous campaign!


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