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Super flood at Trimu headworks within 24 hours

River Chenab and Jhelum which have been at their devastating peaks will meet at Trimu headworks in Jhang in next 24 to 36 hours.

Trimu headworks would have exceptionally high flood level until Sept 12, Pakistan Meteorological Department’s (PMD) website said. The water level was rising at the headworks. The headworks can sustain up to 700,000 cusecs flow.

The officials making arrangements to breach the protective dyke of Athara Hazari to take some pressure off Trimu headworks and protect it and Jhang city. The dyke breach, however, is feared to inundate 250 villages in Athara Hazari area including the town with the same name.

The people from the area have moved to safer places after flood warnings issued by the local administration.

Army has been engaged in relief activities in the flood-hit areas and have dropped thousands of food packs for the people stranded in the flood ravaged areas.




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