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Supermodel Ayyan Ali’s selfies with policeman surface

It seems like Ayyan has admirers from all walks of life!

The supermodel had arrived today at court but could not be indicted yet again. However, as is the case always, she was surrounded by armed guards, flashing cameras and lawyers all around. It was recently revealed that whilst she was going through her incarceration, the supermodel had obliged police officers with selfies along with herself.


A couple of pictures surfaced, showing the model standing candidly with a police officer. According to reports, Ayyan was very much cordial with the police officers. She even had food brought for her fellow inmates at Adiala Jail at the time she was imprisoned there and was also very much cordial with the police officers stationed outside her barracks.

Ayyan had spent more than 4 months in Adiala Jail, after she was apprehended from Benazir International Airport, for allegedly absconding with more than USD 5 million. After four months, the supermodel was granted bail, a few days prior to Eid.



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