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Supreme Court hears Local Bodies delimitations case

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court of Pakistan heard the case regarding the delimitations in the Local Bodies (LB) Elections in Punjab and Sindh here in Islamabad on Wednesday, ARY News reports.

 Salman Aslam Butt, the Attorney General of Pakistan, told the court that Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is entitled to hold the LB Elections but no changes were introduced in the Article 222 of the 18th Amendment due to which the Electoral College decides the Chairman and Mayor.

 "This means that the present LB institutions are political", Justice Saeed Azmat Shaikh remarked.

The Attorney General further said that the system has to be institutional and not political and the delimitations were made to form the system on basis of the institution.

Akram Shaikh, lawyer representing ECP, stated that the law is flawed as the election commission has been granted the powers to hold the election but is not allowed to complete the delimitations. ECP should be granted the powers ideally.

Supreme Court bench remarked that amendments have to be introduced in the law. Akram Shaikh supported the court’s remarks and said that the hands of ECP are tied and such problems are delaying the LB elections in the country.

Amicus Curiae Makhdoom Ali Khan has started his arguments in the case. He explained his stance that the biggest flaw in the law is that the officer can decide which areas are rural and urban.



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