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Surf Excel brings alive the spirit of Ramadan with Eesar

Where on one hand Ramadan Kareem is the month to perform infinite virtues, but on the other hand, it is also a month to attain prayers by doing good deeds for people. Pakistani brands often indulge themselves to cater awareness to masses throughout the month with various campaigns, but only a few manage to make a difference.

One of these few brands happens to be the well-acclaimed Surf Excel, that is not only the most reliable detergent in the country but is also the torchbearer of a positive change in society. The brand is immersed in bringing out of the box campaigns which intrigue the society powerfully and instantly for years.

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This year, they have opted to make our society inclusive, by applying Islamic teachings of putting others first through altruism. Their official short film depicts a little boy, Saleem and his mother praying for the acceptance of his first fast and for his long life. As his mother says Amen, he sticks his arms to his chest and starts running.

Surf Excel

He runs, walks and crawls haphazardly for his destination without worrying about the stains on his dress. He reaches to a house where a man, woman, and their physically impaired child, sitting on a wheelchair are all set to leave for somewhere. He looks at this child and asks, “Aadil, you are going for treatment right?”


Upon the slight nod of Aadil, Saleem says, “Here are my blessings for God, for you,” taking both his hands to Aadil’s face and then saying “Ameen.” This gesture does not only give Aadil a sigh of relief, but his parents also burst into tears for the selflessness Saleem has portrayed.


We are certain, this moving short film will cater the message of true altruism to your heart making you care for others a bit more than you usually do.



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