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Surf Excel wins hearts with #EkNekiRozana campaign in Ramazan

Few brands understand the point and manage to cater the message of affection and peace to the people watching their advertisements.

The responsibility doubles in Ramazan.

As one sees different ad campaigns and analyse them, it won’t be wrong to say that Surf Excel has clearly edged others in this regard with this Ramazan’s Ek Neki Rozana campaign.

The campaign started with a heartwarming advertisement which imparted the a lasting message of love, tolerance and forgetting loved ones’  past mistakes to start life anew.

The advertisement started with a boy racing through street vendors to collect comestibles and takes them to the house of his paternal uncle.

His uncle’s spouse opens the door and in the very next scene, the boy’s paternal uncle and his aunt arrive at his house with apparently the food for Iftaari.

As his father opens the door, he divulges from the back of his uncle and aunt. His uncle asks his dad to forget whatever happened.

His father, then, holds his uncle’s hand and takes him inside their house. They hug each other followed by sitting together for Iftaar.

Besides the exceptional story-line, the music has been chosen with complete mastery to make us feel directly in the heart.

This emotional video displays that, in spite of the dirt on his clothes, he has still managed to make things better between two brothers, proving the very slogan “some stains are good” right.

The ad garnered a lot of praise and was viewed thousands of times by social media users both on Facebook and Youtube.

As is evident from the name, the campaign saw videos that motivated children and adults towards a number of small good deeds; some aimed at making life easier for others around us while others aimed at helping them.

Some of the videos taught children to value what their parents do for them and urged them to help them while others dealt with avoiding quarrels and caring for siblings.

The campaign then moved towards some social responsibilities and good deeds that one can do to benefit society and focused towards cleanliness and community service.

Out of the whole series, some videos also urged children to take care of the animals around them, be it their pets or stray animals or birds.

This was not all, the brand took a step further and physically engaged people in an on-ground activity called ‘Neki Tree’ at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi.

So what was Neki Tree?

Surf Excel placed a barren tree in the middle of Dolmen Mall Clifton. A barren tree asks for water and care to grow. But this tree is going to grow with people pledging to do good for others. If you have done a Neki or intend on doing a Neki, hang it on the tree and help it grow.

As the holy month saw at least two spells of heatwave, the brand extended the sphere of its activity include a response to the ongoing conversation on global warming.

Everyone who came to the tree to put up a Neki, received seeds to plant a tree themselves and start their Neki journey.

Those outside Karachi were also allowed to participate and get seeds to plant by sending in their Neki via an SMS to 8833.

A huge number of people not only participated in the campaign but also showered praise upon the initiative on social media.



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