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Surviving Mars, a planetary city builder, coming soon to Xbox One

Microsoft’s video gaming brand, Xbox has announced to soon launch Surviving Mars, a planetary city builder, on Xbox One.

Surviving Mars is developed by Haemimont Games and published by Paradox Interactive. The game looks at the possibility of survival of humanity on Mars, laying the foundation for a civilization away from Earth.

Product Manager of Surviving Mars Jakob Munthe said the overall goal, behind developing this game, has been to create a plausible story about humans settling on the “Red Planet” as told through the lens of science.

“Players will need to find ways to overcome the extreme environmental challenges of Mars all while exploring new mysteries and experiencing their own unique sci-fi stories,” he said.

He said, “The game’s setting borrows as much from the work of NASA and SpaceX as it does from the works of writers such as Asimov and Clarke. It is a serious take on sci-fi — but one with an optimistic tone that updates the aesthetics of the space race to the technology and societal outlook of today.”

Jakob Munthe enlightened that what tasks could be faced while playing the game. He also provided some exciting glimpses of Surviving Mars.

“We are still fairly early in the development process, so I have to hold back a bit. What I can tell you is that Surviving Mars is a hardcore survival city-builder where players will be tasked with creating an actual livable homestead on a frozen, barren rock, floating millions and millions of kilometers from any help.

“You must produce water, air, and food on a planet that really isn’t very good at supplying any of the above, while creating habitats a few thousand square meters big that are interesting enough to stop your colonists from going insane from boredom,” he said.

The product manager said yet, where there are challenges and threats, there are also solutions and hope. Those sent to Mars are among the brightest and the best: scientists that will create new knowledge and techniques for your new lives, and intrepid explorers that will find and solve greater mysteries than any on Earth, he added.

Knowing so much about the game you must be excited how will it feel playing this game by yourself. Just wait for the launch of the game.

See you on Mars!



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