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Sushmita Sen responds to those questioning her single status

MUMBAI: Actress Sushmita Sen has responded to all those who have questioned her decision to remain a single person.

Sen, a former Miss Universe winner, has been criticized and judged for her lifestyle and living as a single mother with two adopted children.

In an Instagram post, the actress and model finally responded to all those who judge her lifestyle.

She wrote, “Why not? I am secure in my choice and in being so, I can respect and appreciate another’s choice, whatever it may be.”

Sen stated, “After all, singles or doubles, we play to win. As for me let’s just say, β€˜I am yet to meet that sire, who loves to play with fire.”

The actress stated that she is currently doing things what she likes.

She also stated that looks do not matter when it comes to making movies now-a-days.



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