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Suspect owns up to killing KESC MD Shahid Hamid with Saulat Mirza

According to details, arrested suspect Minhaj Qazi is in the custody of Rangers for ninety days. Sources revealed that during the course of his interrogation, he confessed to serious crimes.

Minhaj Qadri revealed during the course of his interrogation that he had been involved in the killing of KESC Managing Director Shahid Hamid during the early 90s with Saulat Mirza. Sources also disclosed that Qazi had revealed after committing the murder, a message had been conveyed to him to leave the country.

Following the murder of Shahid Hamid, Minhaj Qazi had left the country and traveled first to Bangladesh, then to Sri Lanka and afterwards, to South Africa. He had arrived in Pakistan when Rangers had arrested him.

Saulat Mirza was hanged in Machh Jail on May 12, 2015. He had been found guilty of committing the murder of Shahid Hamid.



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