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Suspected Lahore bomber Yousuf was indeed a victim, admits IG Punjab

Punjab police, on the basis of a partially burnt NIC found at the site of blast, had declared Muhammad Yousuf suspect of the bombing.


Yousuf, 28, hailed from Muzaffargarh and used to teach at an online madressa in Lahore. Following initial investigations and police claims, Yousuf’s brother and uncle were taken into custody from Muzaffargarh.

When the sketch of the bomber was released, it did not coincide with Muhammad Yousuf, which led to questions as to who he really was – a victim or a perpetrator?


One of the wounded at hospital, who happened to be Yousuf’s friend, testified that he and Yousuf along with some other friends had gone to Gulshan Iqbal Park for outing.

The question here is that why was a victim of terrorism projected as a suspect, or will the Punjab police pay for the twofold anguish Yousuf’s family suffered with.



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