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Sussanne Khan dismisses marriage and affair rumours with Arjun Rampal

Yesterday, it was being widely reported in the Indian media that Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan’s wife Sussanne Khan was spotted in a cafe with none other than her rumoured boyfriend Arjun Rampal. The news had spread like wildfire, since Arjun was also suspected of being the reason for the separation between the couple.

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Sussanne dismissed rumours that she was dating Arjun Rampal and also stated that she was a committed single mother at the moment and had no designs to marry Arjun.

“Persistent speculation in the media has made me realise that idle Bollywood gossip mongers, who are influential, are insistent on spreading rumours and lies about me. Stories are fabricated on upcoming weddings and meetings in coffee shops,” said Sussanne.

She also said that it was especially hurtful to portray rumours as true news, when there were families and people involved.

“It is irresponsible press if incorrect stories are published. There are families and human feelings involved and it hurts people when false gossip is passed off as true. I am a single working mother and take tremendous pride in the way I live.”

It had also been reported earlier in the media, several weeks ago that Sussanne Khan had decided to marry a close friend of Hrithik Roshan.

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Arjun Rampal has also had to bear the brunt of media speculations, since gossip regarding his divorce from wife Mehr Jesia have also been doing the rounds on the internet. Arjun has even reacted harshly to the rumours and dismissed them publicly.

Are these just plain rumours or is there smoke where there’s fire? For now, Sussanne and Arjun have denied rumours of their alleged affair. It would be interesting to see how this scenario plays out in the near future!



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