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WATCH: Angry swan beats up man while rescuing cygnet    

A video showing a wildlife rescuer putting up with an angry father swan – all to rescue his cygnet, has gone viral.

The video was shared for the first time in 2014 by an animal rescue organisation, Wildlife Aid, after they responded to reports of a baby swan stuck in a wire fence during 2014 in the United Kingdom.

It shows the angry father swan flapping his wings furiously at the rescuer who, remarkably enough, kept his cool and continued working until the baby was rescued.

Wildlife Aid while sharing the footage of the entire rescue operation on Youtube commented that swans are very protective parents and the male bird, called the ‘cob’, can be very aggressive in order to protect his young ones.

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“Earlier this year, Simon went out to rescue a cygnet that was stuck in a fence, near the River Thames. He had to face a very angry cob that wouldn’t let anybody near his poor baby,” the organisation added, sharing a video titled “Cygnet rescue – Simon beaten up by an angry swan.”

The video, however, was recently shared on the social media platform, Twitter, and went viral since then.



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