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Swan found with sock pulled over its head in ‘mindless prank’

In a shocking incident, unidentified people played a cruel prank on a swan that could have led to the bird’s death in Lincolnshire, UK.

According to reports, the swan was left in the dark in Catchwater Drain in Lincoln, Lincolnshire with a black sock pulled over its head. The black sock was tightly fitted and reached halfway down the bird’s neck.

Fortunately, a passerby spotted the swan in the drain and informed the authorities. Taking swift action on the report, officials of Yorkshire Swan and Rescue Hospital rushed to the scene and rescued the bird before it starved to death.

Police officers were working with the RSPCA to find the cruel pranksters, Times Now News reported.

The investigating officer, PC Llewellyn, said, “We believe the item had been placed on swan’s head intentionally, due to how snug the fit was and how far down the neck of the swan the tube was. We do not believe that this was accidental. Had the Swan Rescue not intervened, the swan would have either starved or potentially suffocated,” he added.



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