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Swiss govt rejects Brahamdagh Bugti’s asylum request 

ZURICH: The Swiss government has rejected an application for political asylum by Baloch separist leader Brahamdagh Bugti after over seven years.

Bugti, who heads the outlawed Baloch Republican Army responsible for various terrorism offences and sowing strike in Balochistan, has in self-exile in Switzerland since 2010.

“After more than seven years of waiting Switzerland has now rejected my application for political asylum,” he wrote on social media site Twitter.

It may be mentioned that several anti-state posters were displayed on buses and cabs in several cities of Switzerland and United Kingdom. Pakistan had strongly protested against the campaign.

Recently, the Swiss government also rejected the politcal asylum application by another Baloch separtist Mehran Marri who is part of the proscribed Baloch Liberation Army.

Bugti faces several sedition and treason cases in Pakistan. He has acknowledge the role of India in interfering in Balochistan, who is responsible for formenting terrorism in the province.

In September 2016, Bugti even applied for political asylum in India. Pakistan has accelerated the process to obtain a red warrant by Interpol against him.

Bugti fled to Afghanistan in 2010 and ultimately moved to Switzerland. He had refused any negotiation with the Pakistan government.



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