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Syed Noor plans next flick’s shoot in Karachi

He made the statement during a press conference in Karachi on Sunday.

Speaking to media persons, he said that 30 percent of the movie’s shooting will take place in Sindh’s capital. He said that the plot of the flick will be based on five brothers.

He added that the Pakistani cinemas are being revived as movies are being made in the country and people are working for it.

He added, “There is a dearth of talent. You will not see anywhere a Waheed Murad, Lehri or a Mohammad Ali. But even when these guys came, they were not that perfect. It took them time to become ‘hit’ performers.”

The filmmaker said that people from all backgrounds are making films as the metropolis is the hub of all activities.

“This is the revival that we talk about. I had said it in a press conference in the past that Karachi would be the city to revive cinema in the country,” he added.

Noor added that he would not restrict himself just to Karachi and would go to Lahore and Swat for making movies.

He went on to say that the filmmakers of Karachi don’t seem to realize the beauty of the metropolis and he won’t display anything negative about the city.



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