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Szabist Entrepreneurial Society (SES) conducts networking session

The session was conducted by one of the most integral societies of the university, the Szabist Entrepreneurial Society (SES). Entrepreneurs hailing from Szabist and other universities were gathered at a single platform to discuss and brainstorm ideas related to entrepreneurship. Various members also spoke on the occasion and shared their valuable expertise.

Mr.Muhammad Shehroze, a trainer at the School of Leadership, percolated the event by explaining to students how entrepreneurs combined are more effective and impactful rather than venturing out on their own. He laid special emphasis on the art of networking and how it achieves substantial success for aspiring businessmen. Mr.Mustafa, a previous graduate from Szabist, took the stage next and shared his thoughts on the subject. He recalled how he had quit working for a prestigious organization such as Unilever and journeyed to England, in a bid to pursue his own business goals. After an initial struggle, he did court success and his entrepreneurial ambitions came to fruition.

Social entrepreneur Ahmed Zaheer next took the stage and enlightened the audience as regards to kidney donation. Speaking at length on the issue, he said it was a perfectly ethical and religious practice, which could save up to 15 valuable lives. Two other entrepreneurs later took the stage, one shared his experience of starting a business called babysmart.pk, which provided adolescent and toddler’s products. The other entrepreneur narrated how he had proposed to his company the idea of delivering copies of the Holy Quran and wedding invitation cards to people’s doorsteps.

Former President of SES, Mr.Umair Shaikh in his speech encouraged audience members to pursue their ambitions and dreams rather than be stopped by mere obstacles. Mr.Ahsan Nadeem, the current SES President, concluded the event by stating that the networking session was a step in the progress and guidance of small entrepreneurs. The event concluded with dinner and a digital networking package containing the contact details of every entrepreneur that signed up, during the online directory drive conducted by SES on Social media.



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