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Tackle the MQM resignations carefully

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in meetings with his aides and parliamentary leaders of various political parties has expressed his wish to hold talks with estranged Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) over resignations of MQM members from the parliament.

The members of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Wednesday
tendered their resignations from the National Assembly, Senate and Sindh Assembly over the party’s reservations about Karachi operation.

The government after its earlier indecisiveness over the issue, came into action and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar started contacts with MQM leaders to settle the issue. According to some reports, Dar also assured the MQM leaders to address the reservations of the party.

Sindh-based political party with strong vote bank in urban areas of the province complaining that the party activists being killed in extra-judicial killings and arrested during the operation led by paramilitary Rangers against criminal gangs involved in extortion, kidnapping for
ransom, targeted killings and other heinous crimes in Karachi, the largest city and business hub of Pakistan.

MQM leaders claiming that the party’s workers being targeted in the name of the law enforcement agencies campaign against criminals.

The security agencies claiming that they are acting against criminals involved in heinous crimes in the metropolis without caring about their political affiliations.

The government after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s huddle with his top aides and a meeting with parliamentary leaders of other parties, has decided to engage the MQM to convince them to avoid quitting the parliament. Which could be a replica of the government’s earlier engagement with Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) to convince them to
avoid quitting the parliament.

The MQM leadership has expressed its grievances against Karachi Operation alleging the security agencies of bias against them.

The government has to look into their pockets what they could offer to the MQM if they want to engage it in dialogue and to convince them to return back to the assemblies. Whether it could address the grievances of the party against the operation, which has complete backing of the security establishment.

The Rangers officials have time and again said that the operation for maintenance of law and order in Karachi is being conducted without bowing to any political or other influence. They also indicate the improvement in law and order in the city after crackdown against criminals.

Karachi, the economic engine of Pakistan, if plunges in the chaos witnessed in 90s, can easily derail the much touted economic recovery of the country and also push a large segment of Pakistan’s population towards political alienation.

The government walking on a tight rope to address the issue of the resignations of MQM members of the parliament with very little space of maneuvering.



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