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14 August

Pre and post-partition talks with Ex Ambassador Wajid Shams ul Hassan

London: Ex Ambassador, Wajid Shams ul Hassan speaks about partition, as seen from his eyes. When Pakistan was formed on 14th August, 1947, I was 6 years and a few months old. We had left our house and came to a tent. There were dead bodies all around and dogs were feeding on them. When Pakistan was created there was no discrimination on the basis of religion. Quaid e Azam clearly stated that in Pakistan there will be no religious politics. Our Quaid had said Pakistan will be a progressive, secular country where every…

Survivors across the border recall their memories of Partition

KARACHI: Sitting in her Karachi home, Jamshed Jahan Ara looks straight into the camera as she explains in a trembling voice how her family fled India during Partition in 1947. Just six years old when she boarded an overcrowded train bound for the newly-created Muslim state of Pakistan, Ara recalls watching armed Sikhs approach -- then hearing her father tell her brother to kill the women of the family if the convoy was attacked. "One is my wife, another is my sister and one is my daughter," she recalls him saying. "So,…