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Govt releases Rs151.17bn under PSDP 2018-19

ISLAMABAD: The government on Saturday released 151.17 billion rupees under its Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2018-19 for various ongoing and new projects. According to latest data released by Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform, the released funds include 68.74 billion rupees for federal ministries and 18.6 billion rupees for special areas. Out of these allocations, the government released Rs58.05 billion for National Highway Authority out of which the major portion of Rs16.266 billion have been…

Overview of Federal Budget 2018-19

ISLAMABAD: The federal government on Friday announced the budget for the fiscal year 2018-19 with a total outlay of Rs 5.93 trillion as against Rs4.75 trillion for the outgoing year. “The GDP growth rate was 5.4pc last year, which has now grown up to 5.8pc -- the highest in 13 years. Today we are the 24th largest economy in the world. In the last five years, inflation has been kept below 5pc which was up to 12pc when we took over. The budget deficit will remain restricted to 5pc this year," newly-appointed Finance…