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Twitterverse atwitter over expanded tweet limit

WASHINGTON: Twitter's test of an expanded 280-character limit is aimed at luring new users, but some of the social network's passionate loyalists fear the change will strip it of its unique appeal. If implemented broadly, the longer tweets could profoundly change the nature of the one-to-many messaging platform which is popular with journalists and politicians but has struggled to boost its broader user base. Twitter says the change may draw in more users and reduce the frustration faced by those who struggle to…

Twitter announces it is going to test 280-character tweets

SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter is testing allowing tweets to be expanded to 280 characters -- double the existing limit -- in the latest effort to boost flagging growth at the social network. San Francisco-based Twitter said Tuesday that the new limit, a major shift for the messaging platform known for its 140-character tweets, aims to address "a major cause of frustration" for many users. Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey fired off what may be one of the first expanded tweets. "This is a small change, but a big move for…