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Sneaky 6-year-old gets caught asking Alexa for help with math homework

According to New Jersey mom Yerelyn Cueva, her 6-year-old son Jariel’s favorite subject is math. Okay, the kid likes numbers. Nothing unusual there. That fact, however, is also why his mom was surprised one day to hear the voice of Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa coming from another room in her house — where, upon investigating, she found Jariel hunched over a table asking Alexa to solve problems for him so he could get through his first-grade winter break math homework a little faster. “It was just any regular day of…

Six-year-old YouTube star brings his own toy line to Walmart

A 6-year-old boy whose toy reviews have drawn billions of views on YouTube will debut his own line of slime, stuffed animals and other merchandise at Walmart Inc next month, the retailer said on Monday. Six-year-old Ryan, the star of his own YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview, who will debut his own line of slime, stuffed animals, and other products at Walmart Inc next month. The star of the YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview, known simply as Ryan, helped select the toys and apparel that will be sold under the name Ryan’s…