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8 november

Two days to go: Clinton and Trump scramble to finish

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton packed their schedules with last minute campaign events on Sunday, two days out from an election that has gripped the world. Clinton is banking on star power to lock in her narrow poll lead, hosting back-to-back weekend pop concerts with Beyonce and Katy Perry and booking a date with President Barack Obama. For his part Trump has embarked on a cross-country odyssey through Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and New Hampshire. The…

US Election 2016: twists and turns aplenty

WASHINGTON: The 2016 presidential campaign has been a roller coaster ride with twists and turns that left voters alternately elated, distraught and sometimes flat-out flummoxed. As Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump scramble for final votes during their last week on the campaign, here are some of the election's most memorable moments: Clinton email redux Clinton thought a controversy over her use of a private server to send email while secretary of state had been put to rest in July when FBI chief…