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Facebook abandons its Project Aquila flying internet plan

LOS ANGELES: Facebook is giving up on its plan to create drones that beam down internet connectivity, the company has confirmed. Project Aquila, first announced in 2014, failed to achieve the long flight times managed by airborne connectivity efforts from rivals including Google. In one test, Facebook’s craft suffered a broken wing as it came into land. On Tuesday the company said it would instead partner with firms such as Airbus to continue its efforts to connect more people to the internet. The decision means…

Man abandons new born baby after being mocked for having too many kids

INDIA: A dad has been caught on camera kissing his three-day-old baby on the head before abandoning it in a church. Bitto Davis, 32, from Kerala, India, and his 28-year-old wife, Pravitha, were later arrested after the chilling footage was aired on local TV. Church security staff found the baby at 8.30 p.m. Thursday and called the police. They then reviewed the CCTV, which shows the dad strolling in before carefully placing his child on the ground. He then walks away but seemingly cannot help glancing back at the…